Art supplies can be broken down into two categories: Consumable and non-consumable. Non-consumable art supplies are things like scissors, paper punches, staplers, etc. Consumable art supplies or materials are items such as crayons, markers, pencils, etc.

In today’s episode, we’re walking through our favorite consumable essential arts integration supplies, as well as how you can gather and organize them without a lot of upfront cost. Find all the show notes, links to recommended supplies, and more at 

Creative Boundaries may seem like an oxymoron, but they actually serve in a symbiotic relationship. When we think of creativity, we might picture a person somewhat frazzled - their hair is askew, their clothes covered in paint, or they haven’t slept in days because they are so caught up in their craft. But the reality is that some of the world’s most creative people have very structured boundaries for their work. 

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into ways that boundaries can actually help your creative spirit thrive. Get all the show notes at

When Danielle Coke's illustrations on Instagram took off, she wasn't quite sure what happened. Within one week in 2019, she increased her following by 300,000 people. Turns out, her art was also sharing a message. In today's episode, Danielle shares how she uses her gift for illustration and infographics as a means for encouraging dialogue around social justice. Her artivism is helping bridge divides and connect hundreds of thousands of people. And she says you can do it, too. Get all the show notes for today's episode at

Not all children learn the same. And Dr. Shaun Woodly is on a mission to help teachers build connections and support all of their students reach their greatest potential. Tune into this episode where we'll chat about his Teach, Hustle, Inspire movement and how it's having a positive impact in culturally diverse classrooms everywhere. Get all the show notes and extra details at

Be honest: when you think about math, do you have the urge to suddenly shrink and move to the back of the room? Well, art educator Ruth Byrne wants to change that. In today's episode, you'll hear Ruth explain how her passion project for Froebel's Gifts has truly made the biggest impact on her teaching this year.  This is also a great preview of her upcoming 2021 Summer Arts Integration and STEAM conference session. Trust me, you're going to love it. 

If you've been curious about how to use movement and dance with your students, but are nervous about the process, Shelly Hutchinson has a message for you. In today's episode, you'll hear Shelly's best ideas for successfully incorporating dance into the classroom. Get all the show notes and details at

Is there an event in your life you need to forgive? After the year we've had, many educators are left feeling drained, bitter, and even angry. Yet, no one is sharing how teachers can deal with these feelings. In this episode, we'll be talking about a strategy called Collect, Connect, and Correct the Dots that may give us all the ability to process what has happened and move to a better emotional place. Get all the show notes at

If you’re looking for a new job, today’s episode is going to be so helpful. We’re diving into my best interview tips for landing your dream job. Having interviewed for more positions than I can count - including teaching, administration, and business positions - and being the one doing the hiring, these suggestions are the ones I’ve found to be most successful in getting that job. Get all the show notes at

Want to use STEAM in your classroom, but feel overwhelmed? Start by setting up these STEAM structures and organization tips from experts in the field. Visit for the full list of resources from this episode.

Schoolhouse Rock. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Sesame Street? What do these all have in common? They are a great example of what’s now coined Edutainment. And while this isn’t new, Edutainment has taken on a whole new evolution as access to learning has become more open in the past 3 decades. Everything from TED Talks to CreativeLive to rock concerts for teacher PD has emerged as a way to make learning more fun. But are we on a dangerous slope? In this episode, we’re diving into this controversial topic and getting curious about what edutainment means for students in 21st-century classrooms. Get all the show notes and research at

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