In this interview with educator and author John Spencer, we chat about how to encourage hands-on learning, even in the time of remote learning. John shares strategies for continuing to foster creative thinking, as well as why we need the arts if we truly value social-emotional learning. 

Are you familiar with the Enneagram? This personality test is a set of 9 classifications that help us understand human psychology on a deeper level - both for ourselves and about others. In today's episode, we'll be talking about each of the 9 Enneagram types and how to recognize and work with each type. This episode will help make us all better communicators, listeners, and educators.

What's the biggest barrier to making tough decisions? Trusting ourselves LAST. In this episode, we'll explore how to listen to our inner guidance system and use it to confidently make big decisions in our lives - whether it's leaving the classroom or starting a side hustle.

Sparkchasers is a show for educators looking to explore their creative side: in the classroom, business, and life. This down-to-earth podcast, hosted by veteran educator and business-owner Susan Riley, helps K-12 teachers and leaders explore all of the ways they can make an impact.


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