What’s the one thing most teachers dread more than anything else? The words “new initiative”. More often than not, there’s rolled eyes and inward groans. Not because teachers are afraid of change. But because teachers know that those two words typically mean we’re building the plane while flying it. There’s not a sequential plan of action that also takes into account what is already happening in the school. 


This is a common barrier for arts integration and STEAM as well. And the very best way I’ve found to jump that hurdle is through the CBAM model. In this episode, we'll chat about what CBAM is and how you can use it in your school to guide change. Get all the show notes at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers

Have you ever received leadership coaching? If not, there's a simple model that has the potential to transform educational leadership: The Be, Do, Have model. If you feel like you’re a bit stuck - like you know what you want but you just can’t seem to get there - Be, Do, Have may help you unlock that door. Find all the resources and show notes at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers

April is National Poetry Month and if you're looking for fresh ideas for exploring poetry in your classroom, this episode is for you. We're sharing 6 ways to teach poetry through arts integration. Get all the show notes, links, and details at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers/

It's that time of year again in education - testing season. Regardless of how you feel about the topic, it's clear that testing is tough on students and teachers alike. In this episode, Susan walks you through 3 arts strategies to help make the testing process a little less anxious for all. View all the links, resources, and show notes at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers

Curious about who's coming to the 2021 Summer Arts Integration and STEAM Online Conference? Tune in as Conference Coordinator Holly Valentine and Susan Riley chat about this year's keynotes, hands-on session, and the all-new teacher swag for participants! Get all the details at artsintegrationconference.com 

If there's one thing 2020 taught us all, it was that education reform is a "must-have" item. But if you're nervous about the ramifications of advocacy, it can be hard to start speaking up. In this episode, educator and activist Nicholas Ferroni shares how we can all be a part of re-forming education change efforts no matter what size our platform. Find the full episode show notes at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers/

Ever wonder what your students REALLY think about learning during a pandemic? Tune in as Susan interviews her middle-school daughter for an unfiltered and honest student point of view. Get all the shownotes and questions (so you can ask your own students) at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers 

Michelle Emerson from Pocketful of Primary is on a mission to help teachers move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered. In today's episode, she's sharing her number one productivity tip and game-changing mindset shifts to help you become the best educator possible. For the full list of show notes and resources, head over to artsintegration.com/sparkchasers/

This week, learn a simple 3-step framework that will save time in your curriculum and increases success with arts integration and STEAM. And great news - you can earn a 1 hour PD certificate just for listening! Head over to artsintegration.com/sparkchasers for all the show notes and details.

Curious about becoming an arts integration specialist? In this episode, Susan shares the inside scoop on what the role is like, what you can do with a certification in this field, and even bust some misconceptions along the way. Get all the show notes at artsintegration.com/sparkchasers/

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